Please contact us by phone, email or our website and we will arrange a convenient time to sit down and meet with you. We will carefully consider your goals, what you've decided to sell and the market for your items.  We will assess the layout of the property and the amount of merchandise to determine how to best showcase the estate. After our meeting we will quickly formulate a plan that will be successful for you. 

We do not ask for any fees up front, and we have no hidden costs. Our commission structure is simple - 35% of the gross proceeds of the sale. This includes our consultation, research, valuation and pricing, advertising, sorting, set-up, staging, professional signage, and staffing of a 2 or 3-day estate sale. We provide you with the proceeds from the sale, less our commission, no later than 7 business days after the last day of the sale.



After the estate sale all unsold items are yours to keep or donate. For an additional fee we will remove the remainder of the contents from the home, leaving it empty with carpets vacuumed, hard surfaces wiped down, and cabinets vacuumed out for the new owner.  

Some estates require extra clean-out prior to an estate sale. For an additional fee we will take care of this for you.

Advertising before and on the day of your estate sale is critical to its success. On a chosen date, we will begin photographing the merchandise to advertise your upcoming sale. Photos and descriptions will be posted on our website as well  as on,, Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Additionally, we will email our extensive list of followers to acquire the greatest number of potential buyers for your sale.  On the day of your sale professional Castaway Estate Sale signage will be posted in front of the house and at nearby intersections, as local ordinances allow.


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